"walk a mile in my shoes" activity

AVID has been so wonderful and overwhelming all at the same time.....
I love it to death....so grateful to have this opportunity to bring AVID to our site...

I had to share this cool activity called "Walk a Mile In My Shoes"

The kids design their own shoe (any type of shoe, boot, ballet shoe, 
cleat, dressy, athletic, etc...)

then they answer the following questions and write them 
around the shoe:
what do I like to talk about?
what do I dig my heels into?
what labels do I wear? (son, brother, Volcom, Quicksilver...these can be labels as a person and labels they like to wear...)
where do I do my soul searching?
where do I find my support?
what things am I always running around doing?
what keeps me on my toes? 
what brings water to my eyes?
what situations cause knots in my stomach? 

today the students presented their shoes in class...it was such a 
great activity! what a great way for the class to get to know each other :) 


1 comment:

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh that is a great assignment, I bet the kids really got into it!! What a great project to frame. I looked at your last post and laughed at "Mr cool" with the granny cart lol!



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