oh happy Friday :)

congrats to my beau-ti-ful girl on her amazing 
dance performance...
the girls interpreted paintings and choreographed dances 
that tied into the paintings and songs they chose, so cool :) 

with the guys... (notice the brotherly love ? )

Pebbles enjoying the fire....

so, just a few pix, been so busy cooking and enjoying 
this glorious Thanksgiving week :) 


turkey time

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays....
I just love the cooking and preparing and then the 
big day with family and friends~

I found this darling ribbon set at Michael's...
how cute is this mint ribbon color against the leaves? 

I'm also loving these paper straws from The Party Fairy~

I'm totally in love with these placemats,
I think I'll be buying them for every occasion....

our sunny California is due for rain on Thanksgiving...
goodness how we need it, but I'm hoping 
the drops wait till dinner is over...
our backyard is finally ready for a par-tay :) 

the kids were such a great help, 
it is so nice to enjoy this space now~

the fir pit is my fave~
way to go Super-Hubs :) 

happy Thanksgiving...


cheap table cloth...

getting ready for an outdoor drink station...

when I run out of linens I run to the bedding section of
Walmart...a flat sheet is less than five bucks 
and totally works as a table linen~

add a piece of brown craft/shipping paper...

set out drinks, cups, and straws.....
then write descriptions on the paper....easy peasy table covering :) 



love this

so true :) 

too cute !
pinned this HERE 




happy Friday :)
it's been so busy around here with my school and the kids' school...
cheer, dance, activities galore...and the upcoming holidays {yippeeee}

senior night before the game...

my son dressed up for Halloween {wearing my boots and all} 

a fun fall weekend in the mountains...

we loved this little coffee shop, The Copper Q, up in Big Bear... 

ok, so I keep moving things around in my classroom....we had these odd shaped 
desks meant to hook up to all of the technology...I just couldn't get comfy so I 
moved the desk out of there and have been using a table.... not sure if I like it or not? ? ?


old navy love

so excited, just picked up this cute shift dress from ON...

Women's Printed Shift Dresses
 it's under $30....buy here and image VIA

hello boots and tights....


cute holiday movie

awe....this was such a cute holiday movie...

totally worth going to see :) 


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