good reads

you've gotta love a good Nicholas Sparks' novel...
Safe Haven  is a {super} good read
*can't wait to see the movie now...
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Touch & Go is also a good read...although I am 
still in the middle of this one...I would definitely recommend it~
I fell asleep reading it last night, haha :)  
Touch & Go
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happy Friday :) 

the hubs and I had a fun little getaway to the beach...
love our California weather {mind you it's still winter}

we sat on a bench with our Starbucks 
watching the paddle boarders and swimmers....

love this beautiful poem in the fence at Brown's park in Laguna Beach....


this cat sits with the kids while they do homework, 
ok~ she sits ON their homework...

we made a visit to the doc for the sickie...
we were cracking up at the lonely fish in 
the sick waiting room tank...

have a wonderful weekend :) 


blog lovin'

do you ever get lost on Pinterest ? ? ?
I sometimes click on a blog I just LOVE
and this is one of them...go take a look
Blissful & Domestic
she has soooo many amazing ideas
{her family lives on $14,000 a year} 



apple soap

holy cow.... Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day APPLE soap 
is amazing :) 
you can buy it online HERE or at Target

they also have Radish, which I plan to try next...


clean mama

have you seen the awesome downloads from Clean Mama

THIS is amazing.....everything you need in one kit ! ! ! 
INSTANT DOWNLOAD The 2013 Clean and Organized Lifestyle Kit - 74 documents

this meal planning kit is awesome, too.....
INSTANT DOWNLOAD The Menu Planning Kit - BRIGHTS - 7 documents

click HERE to visit the Etsy shop (images from this link) 
or the blog here...

happy organizing :) 




happy Friday:) 

some sweet little gifts from my students....they're the best~

our kitty, outside ON top of her little porch, not under it...yikes~

home for a few days while we battled the cold/flu that's going around...
hot tea and RedBox movies and a few good books~

doily hearts, the last few days of them on the mantel....

me and my girl :) 

what to do? grade papers or blog hop while sipping a SB ? ? ? 

happy weekend


washi tape labeling

do you love washi tape? 
here's another thing to stick it on...

label your chargers and adapters with different 
colored washi tape for each family member......cute :)))))



I just love pinterest....
how sweet are these ideas ? ? ? 

Marbled marshmallows

and this card idea...
Nerd valentine.

and this little pencil/card...
Easy and Cute

so sweet....love them all! :) xoxoxo



yummy chicken

we made the most de-lish chicken last night...

all you need is: 4-5 chicken breasts, 1 cup mayo, 1/2 cup grated parmesan,
1 tsp garlic, 1 tsp seasoned salt, 1 tsp pepper (mix all and top on chicken)
bake at 375 for about 40 minutes or until done...

I was going to take an after "baked and browned" shot
but as soon as it was done the fam was eating and there 
were absolutely NO leftovers...it was a hit :) yeah! 



Valentine's ideas...

St. Valentine's Day is right around the corner...
loving these cute ideas from Pinterest :) 

Cherry Bits: How To Make Valentine Gift Card Treat Holders

You rule Valentine

and this paint chip Valentine repinned from Allison Renner 
Paint Chip Valentines




skillet sauces

we made a super easy chicken dinner with this...

get a coupon HERE 



thin mint chocolate cupcakes

it's that time of year again... good ol' thin mints
are a plenty~ so I made some chocolate cupcakes with them :) 

just spray the liners and place a cookie in each one...
**sidenote: after making and eating these last week
I'd recommend putting some batter down first, THEN 
add a cookie, then add the rest of the batter....

prepare your cake mix according to package directions and fill 3/4 full...

bake as directed for cupcakes, cool, frost, and enjoy...

these are for my sweet friend's birthday
but we will definitely be making them again around here...

happy baking


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