chili and cornbread

how cute is this chili and cornbread idea ? ? ? 
pinned it HERE 
with all of the beautiful weather we are having in
Cali I am soooo ready for summer backyard BBQs....

this awesome idea is from giver's log originally
go check it out :) 



last period on Fridays

do you have a favorite "go-to" book for class? 
This is my fave...
it is totally worth the fifteen bucks or so....
the students love the activities and it's really a life-saver on a Friday, last period...


sub tub

how awesome is this idea from 
A Teacher's Treasure? 
(pinned HERE)

It's a Sub Tub...

image VIA Mrs. Z's incredible blog
go take a look, she is AMAZING~
really, just amazing...

I am SO doing this...



common core goodies

I'm sure you're hearing lots about the 
up and coming common core...statewide...standards...

I found a treasure trove of graphic organizers on Pinterest
~in one spot...for $16.00~

visit TeachersPayTeachers HERE
there are over 200+ pages of graphic organizers
and mind maps...they are geared for K-2 but 
you could really use these for up to middle school
(they are super cute, too...) 



poetry slam

we are in the middle of our poetry unit in language arts
and the students have been memorizing 
poems from the lit text for our poetry slam...

it was such a simple thing, but with all 
of the lights off and some white lights strung up
and the overhead (with an opaque sheet added to decrease blindness)
the effect was quite nice...

here's the shadow view during a presentation...

*students were able to choose any poem with 20+ lines of verse
or 2-3 shorter poems (haiku or limerick)
*props and special outfits were encouraged, 
we had glitter scattered into the light, background music, etc...

*I typed up a peer evaluation form with the following categories:
stage presence, entertainment value of the poem, 
audibility, and sparkle

*Students evaluated one another in each of the four categories
to stay engaged as an audience and to take the pressure off
the performer

*we used snap-plause instead of applause to remain cool and hip 
during the slam...

it was super fun and I was so proud of all of my students!
we even had a visit from admin and some parents...



groop dealz

have you joined 
GroopDealz yet? 
My favorite deal site EVER! www.groopdealz.com
image via 

click HERE to check out the boutique
be warned, it is slightly addictive but budget friendly :) 



crescent roll yumminess

ok, so crescent rolls are delish just plain {or with butter}

we rolled some up with:
chopped apples, a smidgen of butter, and cinnamon
*bake according to package directions and enjoy...

they were a hit, to say the least....


st. patty's day pennant

time for some green for St. Patty's day...

I cut some forest green and polka dot green paper
and ripped a few strands of fabric....

lined them up and pinned in place...

ran a quick stitch through it all...

and, cute, a simple bit of green in the TV alcove....



happiest Friday...
here's to the end of a very busy week :)

love ya Target clearance...nine bucks~

some good ol' hula hooping fun while shopping~

my besties and I all got the boot memo the other day at school,
we had to take this after the assembly...haha~

some darling little red chairs gifted to us from my mamma....
getting ready for springtime on the porch~

how lucky are we? this, too, was gifted from my parents...
they are getting an add-on cover~ so the hubs had a little dismantling
and reassembly to do, but WHA-LAA we have a new cover:) 

it's been a crazy, busy week with school and work
but these have been some happy days....
just regular life happening but happy stuff~

the one on the left is indoor and the one on the right outdoor...
they can't live in harmony but sometimes like to hang 
out in the backyard...staring inside...wondering how this all came to be? 
happy Friday....
linking up with InstaFriday
life rearranged



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