it's all good

I've been just in love with my summer...
here's one of the beautiful sights I have forever in my memory....

this was from a peaceful bike ride up in Northern Cali (ah, breathtaking)...
there was a darling Mennonite couple walking near me {not my everyday experience}

while spending time in a few awesome bookstores I ended up 
with a bit heavier luggage as the week progressed...

I am so excited to delve into Gweneth Paltrow's It's All Good
image via 

you can purchase it on her website GOOP

happy cooking :)  



we made it...

a friend emailed me this video...it's hilarious 
(if you fit the age category, haha)



funny stuff

how's this for some hilarious bathroom graffiti? 

we've been hitting the beach, movies, doing some traveling, etc....
I have tons of vacay pictures but this is the funniest, haha...
happy summer :) 



teach like a pirate

I love when summer comes and there is time
to read all of these great professional development books...

this book by Dave Burgess, Teach Like a Pirate,
will be arriving in my mailbox any day....

you can read Melissa's ravings about Dave's book

you can BUY the book HERE on Amazon
or go visit Dave's site HERE 



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