how to freak out your teen

us: can you take a picture of us before we leave for date night?
teen: sure {sigh} ok, pose....
us: (below, posing...)
teen: OMG so embarrassing, really, pose now
us: ok, how's this? 
teen: OMG forget it

us: ok, we will be serious
teen: {sigh, snaps pic, and walks away}
haha~ we had a super fun anniversary date night WITH a good picture after all :) 



GnomeLover said...

Happy Anniversary! Congrats also on getting a teen to take your picture. It is a miracle.

I love your shirt. I am also drooling over your yellow t.v. stand. So cool!


Stephanie said...

Hahaha! Loved the commentary. Isn't it fun to freak out your kids?! :)


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