our little garden

we have this teeny tiny area off the side of the 
house that needed some love...

the hubs installed some cute down-facing copper dome lights
along the top of the fence~they are my fave....so pretty at night~

we picked up this little fountain
{notice the blue pond light in the bottom?}
it's so nice to hear out of the living room window...

even though this is in the little side yard 
no one really walks through, I just love 
the little lights the hubs installed...

our other side yard is growing, too....although we are wishing
for some rain and cooler weather, these plants are thriving...

we keep saying "a little at a time..." haha, by summer we will 
be ready for some graduation parties and birthday parties out here :) 

how cute are these lights at night? 


1 comment:

GnomeLover said...

Super jealous of those lights! They are gorgeous! Your whole yard is so pretty. I am so with you. Rain can not get here soon enough! Where is it?!

Where did you get those lights by the way? I am obsessed with copper!



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