ah, I love Fridays :) 

so tomorrow is March first so I figured there are
only seventeen days to show a little green...

I don't usually put much out for saint patty's day....
just a little pennant and a few knick-naks 

hello new friend :) 
our old keurig had seen better days...
all the descaling couldn't bring it back...
so we have a new best friend around here~

basil basil basil...love it, but I can't grow it outdoors...
it's like a grasshopper magnet...ever have that problem?
if so, what repels those guys? anywhoooo, we 
are going to try growing it on the windowsill for now :) 

containing stuff on the island is so 
cute in this coca cola box...

the kitchen is on its way to a new life...
we are considering this green glass tile for a backsplash,
and some new knobs for the upper cabinets we painted...
next is the countertop, bottom cabinets, and new pulls....
oh, and a backsplash of some sort :) 

I know, so many kitchen pix, but I am always so happy to 
find cool, cheap finds at Ikea...
like these towels for just a few bucks...

have a wonderful weekend! 


how to serve water...

sooooo, we were at a yummy Italian restaurant 
and they served their cold water in recycled wine bottles...

{apparently lots of restaurants do this, found this HERE on pinterest}

i love that this restaurant puts water in wine bottles and you take one to your table

I really love this idea for parties in the backyard, inside, wherever...
but I never can seem to get those darn labels off completely: 

thank you pinterest...
Fill your sink with hot, hot, hot water.  Then fill each wine bottle with hot water and drop it into the sink.  Next, add this secret potion:  1/2 cup baking powder 1 Tbsp dish soap 2 cups white vinegar Once you add the vinegar to the sink, it will get all fizzy for a second.AND THE LABELS COME OFF:-)
pinned HERE original source HERE 



favorite new bag

I love a good purse, but I find that I tote 
my school papers back in forth in a Trader Joe's 
grocery bag (even though I have nicer satchels).

So I was so happy to find this Pike Place Market bag 
on our trip a few weeks ago....
now it is full of student's essays and tests to grade, haha :) 
reminding me daily of my favorite farmer's market...



gardens in california

although I dream of rain and cold weather,
I admit I am in love with our California winters...

my succulents and rosemary are so pretty right now...

we just planted a row of bougainvillea on our side fence...
I know they will take over soon and I can't wait for the brilliant red
contrast against the lavender on this side of the garden~

I love love love candles, all over, even in the garden....
why not recycle tin cans for candle holders? 

happy gardening :) 


sweet invites...

I am so excited to be planning/hosting a bridal tea 
for one of my friends....

my bestie, Isabelle Kline, of IKDesigns,
sent me these darling Anna Griffin invites for the party...
{thanks Izzy, can't wait to get them printed!}

I love all of these ideas from pinterest found HERE 
tea party
image via

my darling friend who was just married has an amazing 
decorator we are using for the bridal tea...I can't wait to see how 
it all comes together....

now I just need some proper English tea sandwich recipes :) 




happy Friday :) 
so, my grand plans of painting the cabinets ALL in one week
didn't quite pan out...but I finished the top section 
{the "right" way according to hubby: sand-primer-paint-sand-paint...}

we brought back some produce from Pike Place in Seattle...
holy cow look how big this garlic glove is...
thus the name Elephant Garlic
(we recreated a pasta from Little Italy in Seattle~
garlic and pine nuts sauteed in EVOO with fresh basil and Romano cheese)

I was so honored to receive teacher-of-the-year at my site...

I still can't believe it :) so cool...

dinner with my besties and our gaggle of kids...
I think our waitress was the most patient of all...she didn't flinch at 
the constant request for ranch dressing, and more ranch dressing...ha ha
happy weekend :) 
life rearranged


good reads...

I just finished The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty
it was a good, quick read...
The Husband's Secret

find it on AMAZON here 

I was on a plane when I finished it, so I went right
to the other book I was in the middle of
(it seems I am always working on about 4 books at a time)
by John Green 
The Fault in Our Stars

many of my students have recommended this book
so, although it has the teenage angst to it...I am up for reading 
any good book at any time :) 

ahhh, it was really good, as well, and sad.....so sad. 



dream kitchen

I'm in love with this kitchen 
Soapstone counter
original image VIA

this is what's on its way out...
oak cabinets and good ol' white tile...bye bye....
I love our house and the hubs and I agree this is our
last little project...it won't cost much with a little paint and some knobs...

the splurge will be new counters {someday-oneday-we'd love to...} 
like the soapstone in the pinterest dream kitchen

sooo, here we go....sanding and primer {check} in one section...


my favorite place...

the hubs and I had such a fun {late} anniversary weekend 
in our favorite place in the world... Seattle :) 
man, we love this city...

La Panier is our favorite little French bakery at Pike Place

there was rain, real-honest-to-goodness RAIN....
which is something we desperately need in CA about now :( 

after taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island we were in love 
with yet another city (island)...
us Californians have never taken a real ferry before (haha)...
and this little island was amazing-gorgeous-unreal...

we've visited Seattle many times but this was our first 
time on the Underground Tour 
{it was super neat} 

ah, such a great place :) such a fun weekend

more shower space

we recently replaced the kids' shower curtain rod
with a curved rod.....
OMG it is awesome and adds seven to ten inches 
in the shower, but doesn't take up any more room on the outside...

find it HERE on Amazon


market lights

oh how I love these cute bubbly market lights...
they add just a little fun to the laundry room~



a must have...

it seems that everyone I know has picked up this wrap
from nordies...
I've simplified my wardrobe lately
and vow only to purchase a piece after
donating a piece....SO, something had to go,
cuz this is coming in.... :) 

p.s. it is super cute on all body sizes...
4 different friends have it and it's adorable 
on each one of them! 

image via 



ha ha ha...

humor for English teachers...

Cute ideas for Jan Brett's The Mitten. (Not to mention some teacher humor!)
image via pinterest



iPhone literary character activity

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fun activity...
whose cell phone is this? 
pinned HERE 
Add a little fun to ANY novel, play, short story, or history unit with this easy-to-use worksheet. Click HERE for print-and-teach materials!
purchase HERE on TPT from Laura Randazzo
for a buck

I've used this with my advanced English classes
and my friend even adapted it for her special ed classes...
such a fun way to connect with a character :)



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