ah-dor-able stuff

I'm a huge fan of Etsy...
I love all of the handmade/vintage goodies one can find...

how cute is this embroidered necklace 
from FreeSpiritJenny ? ? ? 
Embroidered Wildflower Necklace

I can't wait for my mustard heart necklace to arrive...

here stuff is just adorable...
I'm also wanting some of these pieces for the kids' bathroom...
Cute Boho Mixed Pattern Bunting Embroidery Hoop Art

Boho Bunting You Are Loved Embroidery Hoop Art

go check out her shop HERE 



instagram and sticky 9

soooo, I tried it...made a phone case out of 
all my favorite instagram pix....

how cute is this case? can't wait to receive it in the mail...

check out their site HERE use the code below for 15% off...

Share your code FRIENDV5TF 

Your friends get 15% OFF their first order 

Bring your Instagrams to life with #Sticky9! Get 15% off your order with FRIENDV5TF

fun stuff :) 



kitchen progress

it's happening :) 

our little kitchen is slowly transforming...

I have always and forever wanted this sink~ 
and it was my hubby who made the final call {thanks honey}

the cool thing about this sink is that 
it's easy doable for a homeowner to install and retrofit
into the existing cabinetry {my guy added crazy extra support, haha}

one of our many trips to the home improvement store...
don't worry, we took two cars, this guy just had to take a rest 
on the plywood...

the boys were a great help, they learned to use 
some awesome tools, and made a little moola in the process :) 

a few more weekends of this and we might have
our dream kitchen :) 



I love this time of year....

trying to spread a little spring to the front porch~
just a little scrap book paper pennant for the wreath...

this little flag came with the holder, 
and I never use it, but~hey~ it's kinda cute...

love this candle holder from Target for the front porch...


flowering tea

this tea is amazing :) 

I've been seeing it on pinterest...

the flower pod opens up like a bloom with hot water...
and you can use the bloom three times
in a 24 hour period 
the tea connoisseurs in my house love it :) 

find it HERE on Amazon 
{free shipping if you have Amazon Prime}


chalk pens

these chalk pens are the most fun~ ever...

you can find them HERE on Amazon 

I have a chalk board problem...the hubs 
said no more chalk board surfaces around the house, haha :) 




yippppeee it's Friday :) 

here's to the end of a super busy but productive week~ 

my oldest son sent me this gorgeous pic 
from the botanical gardens...
I LOVE that he's taking pix of nature
{and cooking, a lot, he's also sending foodie pix galore}

ahhhhh, another permitted driver....
how are my little ones all getting so old so fast ? 

we are sooooo excited about these gorgeous slabs...
more pix on our kitchen to come........

all of my pix this week are from the home improvement store, haha...
we fell for this sink, then went online and found 
a Kohler farmhouse sink~with the bib front and all~
 that can be easily installed 
(who knew a sink could cause such excitement?) 

happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend :) 


spring yummies

Easter is right around the corner...
and I'm thinking of some cute recipes
from Pinterest...

how darling are these carrots? 
pinned this HERE
Egg Salad Stuffed Carrot Crescents
original source via

and these
lemon thyme bars?
 pinned HERE 
Lemon Thyme Bars
original source via




I'm loving this novel by Susan Crandall,
Whistling Past the Graveyard
Whistling Past the Graveyard

and I'm so happy to have found this site:

just type in author's names or books you love
and you will get suggestions for what to read next....
so cool :) 



appointment clock for cooperative learning

I really love the idea of having students set up 
an appointment clock....

this one gives more options
image via

Click HERE for the one I have been using...
it only have four options (12 o'clock,
3 o'clock, 6 o'clock, and 9 o'clock partners).

Have students mingle and fill in their appointment clocks
with however many students you decide to use...
make sure DAILY you ask students to 
get up and find their "3 o'clock partner" (or any time)
 to discuss the lesson, verify an answer, etc...

they will LOVE the chance to get up and move/talk
even if it's just for a minute :) 



frankincense face wash

from NYR Organic

pick it up HERE from Nancy's site

image via



pi day

happy pi day....
even Trader Joe's is in on the celebration...

Apple-Caramel Hand Pies recipes....all look delish :) 



cabinet love

I just adore Target....
and dang they have some cuuuuute stuff right now~

we picked up this little cabinet to update our front room~
it's on sale right now :) HERE 


lovely bb cream

oh man, I love this stuff...
you can find it HERE

the hubs treated me to a facial for an anniversary gift...
seriously, it was like heaven...all I could think of was 
"please let time go by very slowly for the next hour!"

anywhooo, the esthetician recommended 
this BB cream in place of what I was kinda married to
{it's so hard to veer from our regular stuff, eh?}

the color was a little pink at first but
it matches your skin tone after a few...
love it!  


butternut squash and spinach risotto

my girl made this today...
pretty darn good :) 
love seeing my kiddos in the kitchen cooking...



wow, where do the weekends go? 

happy Monday~ did the time change set you back?

so excited to start a new elective wheel class today 
{it's an "introductory AVID/study skills" class}

today we will be watching this awesome video:
I love to see where AVID has taken high school students
on their journey to higher education :) 




happy Friday!  whoo hooo! 

lovin these peep booties from target...

how cool is this? hot air balloons ascending right next to 
my school site....what a way to start the work day :) 

love my AVID students, they write little AVID-love notes on the board
all the time....so cute :) 

can't wait to pull together this bridal tea for my friend~
she saw this beautiful book on ETSY...
we are going to try to replicate it...

happy Friday and happy weekend!


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