appointment clock for cooperative learning

I really love the idea of having students set up 
an appointment clock....

this one gives more options
image via

Click HERE for the one I have been using...
it only have four options (12 o'clock,
3 o'clock, 6 o'clock, and 9 o'clock partners).

Have students mingle and fill in their appointment clocks
with however many students you decide to use...
make sure DAILY you ask students to 
get up and find their "3 o'clock partner" (or any time)
 to discuss the lesson, verify an answer, etc...

they will LOVE the chance to get up and move/talk
even if it's just for a minute :) 


1 comment:

Jenni Schreiner said...

I wish I was in your class! That sounds like so much fun! And it is a wonderful idea. Kids need to be able to move around.



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