happy Friday!  whoo hooo! 

lovin these peep booties from target...

how cool is this? hot air balloons ascending right next to 
my school site....what a way to start the work day :) 

love my AVID students, they write little AVID-love notes on the board
all the time....so cute :) 

can't wait to pull together this bridal tea for my friend~
she saw this beautiful book on ETSY...
we are going to try to replicate it...

happy Friday and happy weekend!


GnomeLover said...

Lovin' those hot air balloon photos. We have them above our house in the morning. They are so cool! I am thinking we might live in the same town. I will not post it online, because that freaks me out. But I do think it might be possible. Or close to it. Did you all ready know that? Am I dense?

And those booties are awesome! I want to see a close up!


~julee~ said...

Do you have a public Instagram account? I'd love to keep up with you on there! If you're interested, I'm @diy_louisville.


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