yippppeee it's Friday :) 

here's to the end of a super busy but productive week~ 

my oldest son sent me this gorgeous pic 
from the botanical gardens...
I LOVE that he's taking pix of nature
{and cooking, a lot, he's also sending foodie pix galore}

ahhhhh, another permitted driver....
how are my little ones all getting so old so fast ? 

we are sooooo excited about these gorgeous slabs...
more pix on our kitchen to come........

all of my pix this week are from the home improvement store, haha...
we fell for this sink, then went online and found 
a Kohler farmhouse sink~with the bib front and all~
 that can be easily installed 
(who knew a sink could cause such excitement?) 

happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend :) 

1 comment:

GnomeLover said...

Love that sink! How exciting! My daughter is getting close to that permit stage. They grow up so stinking fast. My heart breaks.

I cannot wait to see your remodel. It is so exciting!



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