kitchen progress

it's happening :) 

our little kitchen is slowly transforming...

I have always and forever wanted this sink~ 
and it was my hubby who made the final call {thanks honey}

the cool thing about this sink is that 
it's easy doable for a homeowner to install and retrofit
into the existing cabinetry {my guy added crazy extra support, haha}

one of our many trips to the home improvement store...
don't worry, we took two cars, this guy just had to take a rest 
on the plywood...

the boys were a great help, they learned to use 
some awesome tools, and made a little moola in the process :) 

a few more weekends of this and we might have
our dream kitchen :) 


veronica donohoe said...

i can't wait to come over! Jeffy is awesome! He can just "pop" things right in! LOL! Love you, Mel!

GnomeLover said...

That sink is amazing. Beautiful. I love it! You are going to love a single sink. I would never go back! Crockpots! Sheet pans! They all fit! It is life changing! I love the way the kitchen is coming together. And I love that it is a family event!



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