dream kitchen

it's official :) 
we have our dream kitchen...

it was a weekend of tile...I loved it,
setting tile and grouting is a little like frosting a cake 

it was a bit of work, but worth it...

it may be another weekend until the drawer pulls
and knobs are installed...but here's a look:

I successfully installed ONE drawer pull,
it's not so easy...soooo I think I will wait for the boss to finish it off :) 

as seen below the knob installation didn't quite work out...
honey, help :( 

the island is my favorite, there are tons of cool markings 
in the granite...love this slab :) 

soooo, after everything was cleaned up and put away 
there was a little more grout to get done....
I improvised and used a cake spatula and butter knife since hubby had
already stored away the putty knife/tile stuff :) hey, it worked

now I need to take out the real camera and take a decent pic of my dream kitchen :) 


The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love it, I so want to do the subway tiles on my back splash. The knobs are tough. When I put mine on I got a nifty little inexpensive plastic template tool from Home Depot, it slips over the top of the drawer and has many hole options to use to get your knobs on just right every time....Great job! Happy Easter!


GnomeLover said...

YAY! It looks amazing! So happy for you! Have you cooked a meal in it yet? I would not want to get it dirty! Ha! I had to laugh at the knob installation! It is exactly the type of installation I would do. Only, I would call it done. ; ). The granite is gorgeous. The cabinets are perfect. That sink is fantastic! And I love the subway tile and grout you chose! Great job! Thrilled for you. I know you must be so happy!


Melodee said...

thanks!!! I totally love it! it feels weird cooking in it, as if it's not really our kitchen yet!


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