happy Friday...

granite- check
now on to the backsplash subway tile....yipppeeeee
(and finishing the doors, installing drawer pulls and knobs...etc...etc...)

picked up some new pillows at tjmaxx....lovin this yellow~

this cat....she has to be near the kids at all times....

love this necklace from freespiritjenny

how sweet are these piglets? 
a few weeks ago we toured our neighboring high school
with all of our AVID kids...
they were so excited to go on this tour....AND we went 
through the entire agriculture department...
it's highly rated in the country and so amazing~

way to go girls! they did great at nationals :) 

happy Friday :) 


GnomeLover said...

Love all of the pictures! You look so gorgeous in that necklace! You look like a movie star. So pretty!

The picture of your son with the cat looks like a magazine shoot.

And your kitchen looks so good! I love it! I purchased most of my kitchen knobs from Ebay. They ended up running $1 or $2 each. I cannot remember, but they were much cheaper than a store and they still look good. Of course, this was six years ago!

Hope you are having a great weekend! Love your new pillows, too!


~julee~ said...

I can't wait to see your finished kitchen! We purchased subway tiles for our kitchen about 3 years ago and still haven't installed them. A financial setback halted us from purchasing new countertops which halted the tile install and now they just sit lonely boxed in the basement waiting for us to win the lottery, lol. :D


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