take what you need

I just aDoRe my sweet students...
how wonderful is this idea

Take What You Need

we held an AVID meeting the other day and the kids
wanted to spread some love and cheer around campus...

so they made little flyers and other students can tear off 
"what they need"

my heart melted when I saw my students taping these to windows 
and other students immediately going up and reading the flyer
then taking off a little piece and smiling :) 

these are the moments ingrained in my heart as a teacher...forever...


~julee~ said...

So sweet and thoughtful!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG that is sooo cute! I would love if this caught on...what if they were everywhere people post things like Laundromats and telephone polls and message boards in coffee shops...Thank of how far this could go...I think you should send this to the Ellen Degeneres show...She always does stories like this! Let me know what channel and day you are going to be on!


GnomeLover said...

That is beautiful. What a lovely idea. I wish the world could be full of awesome moments like that!



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