target love

does it seem to you that usually sometimes 
you walk the isles of target and you 
are just in love with so many things??????

don't mind the unfinished/doorless cabinets...still 
working on the kitchen remodel...but this rug, yikes...love it :) 
similar here and here online

wowzers....I spied this mirror and it had my name on it
hahaha (well, it really said "hey, take me home") 
online here

ok, so this amazing vintage typewriter was not a target find
but it's a recent treasure from a cottage store nearby
{one of those shops we finally popped into and fell in love} 

ahhhhh target, you're the best 

1 comment:

GnomeLover said...

Yay! A picture of the awesome typewriter! It is so cool! I love it!

And, I ban myself from Target for months at a time, because I cannot resist all of the wonderful pretties there! Your loot is great!



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