the ice cream man...

do you ever have this happen where you see something and it just
brings back a specific memory? ? ? 

yikes, I have been so busy with school preparing for this online 
common core testing and all...it's a busy time of the year...
today as I drove home the ice cream man crossed my path~
of course I slowed down....because out came running 
two kids sans shoes running like gazelles...screaming 
wait ! wait ! wait !
the scene took me back to summer way-back-when..
running on the hot pavement, screaming, quarters jingling....
the image is as clear as yesterday

awe, love those memories 
{I'm pretty sure that was also the "summer of my first cavity"}
{and the summer my mom asked us how the whole quarter jar disappeared? sorry mom} 


1 comment:

GnomeLover said...

Awww. You brought back memories for me, too. We lived in the country, so it was so cool when we were at a friend's house and the ice cream man came by. Of course, I would spend all of my money on those scandalous bubblegum cigarettes that blew sugar smoke. I can't believe my mom let me buy those. Oh wait. Maybe she didn't know! ;!)

Our neighborhood has a lot of elderly people. The ice cream truck has only gone down our street five times in the twelve years we have lived here! Bummer!

Thanks for the memories!



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