awaiting summer

it's almost here....I can feel it in the air...
summer is just around the corner
and the garden is a-bloomin'

can you see this cute plant holder??
this jasmine is doing well and 
the vines are creeping around so nicely :) 

my favorite barrel is just spilling over....love it 

these honeysuckles are starting to reach out to each 
other now, the trellises will soon connect branches...

ahhh, lanterns...I love them, maybe there 
are a few too many around the garden and porch...
but hey, until a rainstorm sneaks up on us
they are here to stay

nothing reminds me of summer more than sunflowers...
these cuties have lasted almost two weeks
{with a few trimmings and smaller vases along the way} 

hurry up summer, we are waiting :) 

1 comment:

GnomeLover said...

I love your blooms! You have a green thumb! My husband and I manage to kill everything! Be careful of the honeysuckle! That stuff is vicious. It winds itself around other plants and chokes them to death. My neighbor once warned me about it. Now I see what she meant. It is taking over everything in our yard. Although it smells heavenly! Anyway, watch that beauty.

I am not ready for summer. It is going to be so hot! I am worried our air conditioner will not be able to handle the extra use.



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