garden love

last weekend was WORK WORK WORK

we had a nasty, beetle infested tree removed...
for years we had been trying to work around this yucky tree bush-thing
it was like putting lipstick on a pig...

anywhooo, with the help of our teens we
finally planted some real stuff on our little hillside~

this is the back of our car on one of the MANY trips to the hardware store...

just a few more lights to string around on those posts
down yonder and we are done. finished. time to BBQ and enjoy this space :) 

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GnomeLover said...

How exciting! And it is looking like this pretty weather is here to stay. You are lucky to have such good helpers. I would love to,plant some new flowers over here. We, too, just had a tree chopped down. This year seems to be a great year to be in that business! Your backyard is looking so good. We have not even started fixing ours for the coming season yet. It means sanding and restaining all of the outdoor furniture. Which means splinters!



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