scorpion notes

this year has been super busy...I mean SUPER BUSY :) 
I am so excited, though, because we are finished with 
our AVID certification (well, almost...kinda, just waiting for our coach)

reflecting on this year I can't believe all that we have accomplished~
our school has AVID now, and we are growing 
from two to six classes (amazing)...

soooo, if you are trying to implement focused notes...
or Cornell Notes.... try using your school's mascot 
as the official name of your "notes"

it has worked for us, the Scorpions, and now we take 
"Scorpion Notes" and they are awesome :) 

don't worry, you don't have to be AVID to do this
with your students....The Cornell Way really works...
click HERE for more info


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