happiest Friday...

on our little trip to New Mexico...
I had to visit the real-life locations from 
this little show I love...haha...we had our car washed here...
they even told us to have an A-1 Day :) 

we all loved this marker in the Carlsbad Caverns 
...somehow every time a child asked how 
far away we were from a location we said 
"Oh about 10 minutes..."
we were cracking up at this sign...inside joke but too funny

here we are off on the open road....lots of fun memories :) 

happy friday

1 comment:

GnomeLover said...

How long did your road trip take? And how many nights were you away from home? We had been discussing going up the coast to Big Sur and San Francisco next year or heading across towards the east. You look so pretty and like you are having so much fun!



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