mango chili lime lemonade

happy summer :) 
we have been so busy having fun...

goodness, I love summer days filled with the beach, pool, movies, and lazy days...

AND this yummy lemonade~
photo via YELP
Chile lime mango lemonade. You must try this!

this yumminess can be found at the San Diego Public Market
and during the summer at the Oceanside Pier

this lemonade is made by an amazing French Chef~
seriously, if  you find yourself in San Diego County down by the Oceanside pier,
go find this lemonade cart! you won't be sorry :) 

if you dare to try it at home, try this recipe


Mikayla said...

Well done…looks delish!

GnomeLover said...

That looks amazing! We will definitely try it if we head that way. We used to always go to that beach, but I swear without fail, every single time, the same giant family would sit right in front of us and block our view of the kids. Then we would leave. But that drinks looks good!



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