cute cuff

one of my favorite bloggers, Carol, 
sent me this darling pin a while back...

I wanted to get more use out of it so I adhered 

so adorable! 

I've been wearing it with jeans on the weekends 
basic black for work....

ya can't have too many cuffs, right? 



GnomeLover said...

I love both the pin and that you turned it into a cuff! How cute are you in those jeans?! Darling! I really need to make a cuff like you. It is so smart! And I need more cuffs!


Melodee said...

Thanks Jenni!! You should check out Farm Girl Paints in etsy!! Her shop opened today and she has awesome custom leather cuffs!!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OH stop...I'm blushing! I can see how ADORABLE that is as a cuff! You are such a clever girl!


Melodee said...

Cute huh? I can see you selling these too at your next flea!!


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