is it fall yet?

one of my sweet friends dropped off this bale of straw 
for my front porch...(I just love her)...
mind you, it's still triple digits here in Cali! 

I thought for a quick second, "is it too early?" 

nah... shoot, they are selling pumpkins already at 
the supermarket....so why not, eh? 

on a side note we were looking for some 
used brick over the weekend 
(news on that project to come soon, it's gonna be cute!)
...at the materials design center they had these pallets
dripping with succulents...omg I love this idea...

this is what we were doing, standing there staring at brick...
it seemed so easy to run down there and just "pick something" 
yikes, I think we will love our choice....but not so easy to pick! 
are you ready for fall? 
is anyone else decorating yet? just a little? 


1 comment:

GnomeLover said...

I am with you on wanting fall and being sad with this weather. Although today was finally okay. My air conditioner barely ran for once. I love your front porch. Your friend is awesome and you are so creative. It looks fantastic! I really am looking forward to cooler weather. Although I went to find a sweater tonight and could not find any!



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