jewelry love

wowzers...this week two of my favorite jewelry gals 
have new stuff to sell...

The Farm Girl Paints shop is OPEN! 
I love my leather cuffs, I'm drooling over the new choices! 
visit Becky's shop HERE 

Nickel and Suede has just launched their 
new fall line....goodness gracious 
I love their leather wraps and jewelry, too....

these earrings are so light and feathery, 
seriously you don't even know you're wearing them!

I ordered the large, 
they are BIG but I LOVE them... 

visit Kilee's shop HERE 


GnomeLover said...

Oh my gosh! I love those earrings! They are so pretty. I am on a no-buy month and am itching for them. : ). I love the cuffs, too! I also wanted to say, because I forgot to leave it on the last comment that I cannot wait to see your brick project! Who knew there were so many bricks to choose from?


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Adorable pic...You must be so busy with the start of school. My son is teaching his first year...He is pretty overwhelmed! You know what I am going through with the kitchen remodel...Who knew it would be this overwhelming!



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