fun stuff

it's been busy busy around here....
we are loving our little bits of fall weather :) 

how cool is this store front at The Lab
my son found some records...and we agreed this would 
be a super fun place to work (it's an old Air Stream trailer)

we had a fun girls' day which included 
pedicures and lunch...and a little drive 
in my besties new convertible....

love these fun days when we can get together....

school's been crazy busy...we had a packed house for our 
AVID guest speaker last week...the kids loved it....

a fun trip to the Bay area...omg we love the weather, 
the food, and everything about this place...

my loves....

there's nothing better than clam chowder from Boudin,
a trip to Ghirardelli, and some fun in the city with the family :) 



bricks are back...

Scenty is having 
their Holiday Brick Bazaar
right now....
if you have purchased Scentsy in 
the past, you know the bricks were 
a great deal!!!
visit Crystal's page for the deals...

my absolute fave is Christmas Cottage
and YES, it's available in the brick, yipppeeeee :)  



chicken and dumplings

it seems like I find more recipes on Pinterst 
in the fall....maybe it's the changing weather? 
this crock pot chicken and dumplings recipe is so easy and quick...

all you need is a crock pot/slow cooker, 3 boneless/skinless chicken breasts, a can of flaky refrigerator biscuits, 1/2 stick of butter, 2 cans of cream of chicken condensed soup, 1 can of chicken broth, parsley flakes, and maybe a cup of water. 

add all ingredients to your crock pot...

cut the biscuits into little pieces...

cook on high for a few hours, shred the chicken when it's tender...

I added another cup of water and a little salt/pepper to taste towards the end...
super easy and yummy dinner :) 

enjoy! happy fall :) 


coffee mugs

as Thanksgiving draws near, 
I am looking for ways to make serving 
food and drinks easier...

I just love this 3-tier glass drying rack
from Cost Plus World Market

it's perfect for entertaining...
 it will hold coffee mugs in the winter or 
mason jars in the spring/summer...
find it HERE at Cost Plus
for fifteen bucks :) 


brickle bars

I tried the most delicious, simple recipe 
from Pinterest the other day...
Brickle Bars
the original post is from Shugary Sweet HERE and photo via
Brickle Bars: delicious graham cracker toffee...so easy too!!

all you need is: graham crackers, butter, sugar, pecans, and chocolate. 
Line the pan with graham crackers, then melt 1cup of butter and 1 cup of sugar on medium heat (bring to boil), pour immediately over graham crackers and sprinkle with pecans.  Bake for 12-15 minutes at 350 degrees. Remove immediately and place onto parchment paper. Melt chocolate and pour over crackers (I melted semi sweet chocolate chips and ended up with globs of chocolate, but no one complained!).  *these are addictive! My kids and their friends were not able to stay out of them, then I took a pan to work and my colleagues were coming back for seconds and thirds! beware! 



shoe love...

do you follow Shaeffer

you should....she's adorable...
I love everything she reviews! 

these leopard flats are soooo comfy...
check out her blog post HERE

I needed some booties, and 
love these Toms Desert Wedge Booties 
(she also reviews them HERE)
I never ever sit in the classroom...so comfortable shoes are a must :) 

speaking of work, it has been crazy busy...
lots of fun projects to share soon from 
my AVID and English classes....
and a few good recipes, oh, and some brick going up on a wall...yippee! 
happy Sunday : )



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