Christmas food creations for kids...

here are a few fun and easy ideas for Christmas food creations...
so simple your little ones can help out..

we made these with our "recipe club" at school last week-
the kids loved it! 

all you need for these reindeer are mini chocolate donuts, 
pretzels, red candies for the noses, and candy eyes or
white chocolate chips..
just stick them together in place...the beady eyed ones are the cutest :) 
we also tried this fun oreo marshmallow butter no cook recipe 
(similar HERE)
our ratios were off (which was a good math lesson for the club)
and ours didn't set right, so we improvised and ate it with a spoon 
(which was still super yummy) 
*can you see our chef? we are so lucky to have 
our district chef helping with the club...
finally, we made little hot chocolate stirrers...
we just melted chocolate in the microwave and 
the kids dipped marshmallows on candy canes 
into some crunched up Andes mints....so cute! 
we cook all of our food items for the recipe club with just 
the microwave for now...but how cute are these little Christmas goodies? 

happy Monday :) 


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The Polka Dot Closet said...

What cute Christmas treats, I know the kids loved it. Merry Christmas! and wishing you a wonderful 2015



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