happy happy Friday...

so much fun at the wedding last weekend...

our beautiful friend and her hubby, 
man look at that cake with the cute sparkler candle... darling :) 

here's a close up of the cakes....

the wedding and reception were perfect,
and these market lights behind us were the perfect touch...

my pretty anniversary flowers from the hubs, still holding on...

ahhhh, Starbucks at home...do you like their chai lattes? 
I was so happy to find chocolate chai latte mix at Target...yum~


challkboard decal

I love love love this cute little 
(just twenty-five bucks)

so cute and handy on the fridge...


valentine's mantel

time to spread some hearts and roses around....


cute valentine's ideas...

so many cute ideas on Pinterest....

so cute!
doily envelope pinned HERE 
super easy valentines day craft DIY paper doily envelope
donut you know I love you...
pinned HERE original image VIA

Free Valentine printable

cute stuff :) thank you Pinterest...



our little garden

we have this teeny tiny area off the side of the 
house that needed some love...

the hubs installed some cute down-facing copper dome lights
along the top of the fence~they are my fave....so pretty at night~

we picked up this little fountain
{notice the blue pond light in the bottom?}
it's so nice to hear out of the living room window...

even though this is in the little side yard 
no one really walks through, I just love 
the little lights the hubs installed...

our other side yard is growing, too....although we are wishing
for some rain and cooler weather, these plants are thriving...

we keep saying "a little at a time..." haha, by summer we will 
be ready for some graduation parties and birthday parties out here :) 

how cute are these lights at night? 



laundry mishaps

with a large family and a ton of laundry
it's one's responsibility to tell your wife 
when you place a WOOL sweater in the hamper...



good read....

we started a new novel in class 
and so far it's awesome....
(any time the kids don't realize the bell is about 
to ring signals a good read for me)

Code Talker, by Joseph Bruchac

Code Talker

There is so much you can do to align this novel to Common Core...

 TPT has some great material, as well...
I purchased this amazing unit from Jane Kotinek for $12

The Naval History and Heritage Command has some great info...
Code Talkers

happy reading :)



leather love...

yikes, I am in love with Patricia Nash designs...

my absolute fave, Barcellona Saddle Bag
Barcellona Saddle Bag Tooled Veg Tan

Lari Flap Crossbody Oil Rub Rust

or....the Granada Crossbody....so cute~
Granada Crossbody Tooled Veg Tan

I want them ALL :) 



how to freak out your teen

us: can you take a picture of us before we leave for date night?
teen: sure {sigh} ok, pose....
us: (below, posing...)
teen: OMG so embarrassing, really, pose now
us: ok, how's this? 
teen: OMG forget it

us: ok, we will be serious
teen: {sigh, snaps pic, and walks away}
haha~ we had a super fun anniversary date night WITH a good picture after all :) 




oh happy Friday :) 

we all survived our first week back to school/work....

a trip to Warner Bros VIP Tour with the fam....
this trip is so fun, if you are in the LA area check it out 
(yup, we are sitting on the couch from Central Perk/Friends) 

we were able to travel through the houses in the back lot, so cool~

what? you are wearing a tunic, skinnies, AND sandals 
like me Mom? no way...haha

the hubs and I went on a fabulous cruise, it was the MOST fun ever....
every night I took a pic of our towel animals the housekeeping 
staff created for us during turn-down service...so cute :) 

just one of our pix, "are we really on vacation?" 

one of the shore excursions we took was to Las Caletas...
we dined right here on the beach and then saw an amazing show...

we took our walking shoes and actually walked while on vacay...
but we had to stop for the sunset~ beautiful!!

happiest Friday :) 



chocolate melting cake recipe

the hubs and I went on a little trip...
and brought back this recipe for Chocolate Melting Cake...delish :) 
6 oz. dark chocolate
6 oz. butter
4 eggs
1.5 oz. sugar
2 oz. flour (cake flour is recommended) 

melt the chocolate and butter
mix the eggs and sugar and whisk for a few minutes, add the flour
add the egg mix to the melted chocolate and mix
pour the mix in a greased mold
bake directly in the over at 390 degrees for 14 minutes

* make sure that the eggs are at room temperature and chocolate is warm enough while making the mixture 



bracelet holder

I spied this cute bracelet holder on Pinterest HERE 
~you can find the original post and tute HERE at The Lettered Cottage

soooooo, here's my version, with a little wider top on the candle holder...
but, hey, it works....

super easy...just cover a sturdy tube with fabric and hot 
glue it to a candle stick of some sort...arrange your goodies 
and whallaaa you're done

finally, a nice little home for my bracelets :) 



book shelf...

Happy New Year...
the hubs and I went on a real vacation...
it was pure heaven....and one of the things I did 
was read three great books along the way....

these two are coming out as movies soon~ can't wait to see them...

Labor Day by Joyce Maynard...get it HERE 
Labor Day

Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin...find it HERE 
Winter's Tale (Movie Tie-In Edition)

I am sure Connelly's Mickey Haller will make it to the big screen
soon in The Gods of Guilt.....order it HERE
The Gods of Guilt (Mickey Haller Series #5)

happy reading :)



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