we've been loving our finished garden and patio area...
then the hubs added the final touch by putting in these little 
poles for the market lights....

a little wood and a staple gun makes the garden perfect :) 


olive this serve ware

do you serve olives at parties ? ? ?

well, we do and I was giddy over this 
darling olive serve ware
we had a fun little weekend in Solvang
and I found these at Picket Fences {such a cute store}

here is a secret photograph of some 
pastries {shhhhhh}

while in a bit of traffic I noticed these bird-filled trees...
for some reason I love birds in trees and on wires :) 

happy Tuesday :)


exit slips

so it's the end of the year and the kids are checked out...
I am a realist, I know this...this is the time I like to pull out 
these fun exit slips from Tracee Orman 
the bundle is well worth the money...
click HERE for Tracee's storefront on TeachersPayTeachers

we have a tweet wall where the kids stick up their "tweets" 
on their way out the door....fun stuff :) 



garden love

last weekend was WORK WORK WORK

we had a nasty, beetle infested tree removed...
for years we had been trying to work around this yucky tree bush-thing
it was like putting lipstick on a pig...

anywhooo, with the help of our teens we
finally planted some real stuff on our little hillside~

this is the back of our car on one of the MANY trips to the hardware store...

just a few more lights to string around on those posts
down yonder and we are done. finished. time to BBQ and enjoy this space :) 


scorpion notes

this year has been super busy...I mean SUPER BUSY :) 
I am so excited, though, because we are finished with 
our AVID certification (well, almost...kinda, just waiting for our coach)

reflecting on this year I can't believe all that we have accomplished~
our school has AVID now, and we are growing 
from two to six classes (amazing)...

soooo, if you are trying to implement focused notes...
or Cornell Notes.... try using your school's mascot 
as the official name of your "notes"

it has worked for us, the Scorpions, and now we take 
"Scorpion Notes" and they are awesome :) 

don't worry, you don't have to be AVID to do this
with your students....The Cornell Way really works...
click HERE for more info



lovely gift

my oldest son sent me the most beautiful 
Mother's Day flowers....
they were from Bouqs Flowers
which is a super cool floral co...

then my middle son gave me this single flower...
just as sweet :) 

hope all you mammas had a wonderful, sweet Mother's Day :) 


birthday fun

we had some birthday fun this last weekend 
for our youngest...
here are the boys doubled up on the paddle boards...
they had such a fun day :) 

the sun set and the fun continued....
the main request was steak and costco chocolate cake
we awoke to find someone got their little hands on 
a sharpie marker....hmmmm...there was a mustache drawn
on the birthday boy, no one would own up to it...
then we went to put away the sleeping bags
and out dropped the mystery sharpie hahaha

the guests had already gone home,
so we'll never know who the artist was...


the grocery store dilemma

ok, so there is a slight problem with my grocery store....

they have really cute stuff in the floral department...
sometimes you just can't pass up a cute little clock

does this go under "groceries" on my budget spreadsheet ? ? ? 



nesting place

ahhhhhh, I had a moment to sit
and chill out.....with my new lovely book
The Nesting Place: It Doesn't Have to be perfect to be Beautiful
visit The Nester HERE to find the book
oh, and the anthro catalog... 
to start my wish list...



crazy day in seattle

we had the chance to take just 
one of our kiddos to Seattle....
and we really only had ONE day to 
squeeze in a bazilliion things...

the donut guy in Pike Place Market is amazing..
two words....maple. bacon.

goodness, look at this view from the Space Needle....

goofing around, I just want a normal smile...
these guys always have to make a face of some sort :) 

La Panier....probably a good thing 
we don't live in Seatlle...
I would have a serious problem staying 
away from this bakery 
(oh, and it's just a few doors down from the SB flagship store)

yikes....I love this place...
the news stand is on this isle....love these lights

we had to hit the EMP museum 

our hotel room overlooked Lake Union
{aka...the Harry Met Sally houseboat location} 

not pictured, the Underground Tour, Harbor Cruise,
The Aquarium, lunch at fish place, and seriously.....
all such a great deal with the City Pass.

These passes are the way to go. We have purchased these passes 
in a few cities and it always takes you to some amazing places :)  


oils, paper, and drawers

yikes, must share....
is my new favorite essential oil
you can find it HERE 

we have never gone through so much paper...until 
this typewriter joined our family~
I think just about every person who enters into our home 
has sat down and started to type :) 
I just love the sound of the keys clicking away...and 
I am fine with going through a bunch of paper...

after fixin' up the kitchen some drawers were moved around 
and reorganized a bit...
why this makes me so happy, I don't know....but 
I love love love the top two drawers being TEA and COFFEE now...

happy Friday :) 


awaiting summer

it's almost here....I can feel it in the air...
summer is just around the corner
and the garden is a-bloomin'

can you see this cute plant holder??
this jasmine is doing well and 
the vines are creeping around so nicely :) 

my favorite barrel is just spilling over....love it 

these honeysuckles are starting to reach out to each 
other now, the trellises will soon connect branches...

ahhh, lanterns...I love them, maybe there 
are a few too many around the garden and porch...
but hey, until a rainstorm sneaks up on us
they are here to stay

nothing reminds me of summer more than sunflowers...
these cuties have lasted almost two weeks
{with a few trimmings and smaller vases along the way} 

hurry up summer, we are waiting :) 


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