genius bar for the classroom

summer is the perfect time to get the Cricut out 
and make some new posters...

with our school going 1:1 with technology, 
I thought it would be a great idea to set up a Genius Bar
in the classroom...
I may also call it the Collaboration Station
where students can get together with their laptops and
collaborate.  I also purchased some large laminated
whiteboard poster boards to line the Genius Bar
area with...how cool will it be for the kids 
to jot down notes as they work? 

I pinned this classroom HERE 
"How About Adding a Genius Bar to Your Classroom?" Engage Their Minds, 8/08/13

I realize we don't all have the furniture and resources to 
set up this type of collaborative learning environment. 
However, with some creativity and thrift store/garage sale finds,
it's possible to add a few pieces of furniture to make this happen. 
I plan to give up my favorite rectangular table that houses 
In-Boxes for all of my classes, forms, worksheets, etc.... 

let's see how this goes :) 



good reads

among the many books I devoured this summer
are these good reads:
Conform by Glenn Beck 



mrs meyers

have you tried Mrs. Meyer's dryer sheets? 
they are delicious....really, I'm a lover of the blue liquid stuff...
but these are amazing!  
find them at Target or Mrs. Meyer's site 



I'm sort of in love with succulents lately...

they are so hearty and water-wise...a great choice for 
our SoCal gardens

I found these little guys at the farmer's market
and put them in one little pot...so cute :) 

click HERE for tips on propagating these guys...super easy,
and an affordable way to add plants to your garden :)

yikes, they are so darling anywhere in the garden!

I have lots of little clippings going in this little planter...


jewelry organized

I convinced the hubs to pop out some closet doors 
so I could move an armoire into the space...

I used some teacups to organize earrings...

bottles for bracelets...

previously these fabric covered canvases were on the wall...
but I like them so much better inside the armoire~

boutonniere pins hold the earrings in place...

yes, I basically took over the top half, but all of my 
jewelry is contained in one place...

:) happy Thursday! 


bacon arms

I love adding little decorating do-dads 
from cute shops I find on vacation...
I asked my daughter if she loved this little blessed sign (cuz I love it!)
she said "yeah, but what's with the bacon arms?"

haha~ teenagers....they crack me up :) 


new additions

I'm so excited for a few additions to arrive from Shabby Apple....

I have wished for this Gondola dress for-eva....

yikes, and the Chefchaouen Blue Dress is the cutest.... 

hurry, there's a sale right now if you enter code "summer14" 



I told the kids that I really hope this is what heaven is like....
the beach~ 

we rented a little beach cottage....it was pure bliss...

I had some homework, but ya can't beat this for study time...

the boys played soccer by the shore, 
goal posts=shovel + a brother dug into the sand

we took morning walks and met up with sand crabs...

ah, heaven....

happy summer :) 


gorgeous beadwork

I found this amazing gal in Santa Fe at the outdoor market..

I am in love with this beaded cuff and
beautiful dangly earrings...
this fairly traded jewelry is made
by women in Guatemala...

my daughter and I both picked up a few pieces...
my only regret is that I didn't buy more :( 
thank goodness for the internet, right? 

check out her site HERE
every piece is gorgeous! 



awesome teacher planners

need a great planner? 
I love PlumPaperDesigns on Etsy....
how cute is this planner? 
2014 & 2015 Teacher Planner
image via 

although it's still summer, I like to get prepared for the new school year...
these planners are amazing for teacher planners 
(they also carry student and personal planners)



happiest Friday...

on our little trip to New Mexico...
I had to visit the real-life locations from 
this little show I love...haha...we had our car washed here...
they even told us to have an A-1 Day :) 

we all loved this marker in the Carlsbad Caverns 
...somehow every time a child asked how 
far away we were from a location we said 
"Oh about 10 minutes..."
we were cracking up at this sign...inside joke but too funny

here we are off on the open road....lots of fun memories :) 

happy friday


summer fun

we've been loving summer....

we took a little road trip~ the funniest thing is the kids' 
fascination with the hotel food....they don't normally 
use this much tabasco sauce, but hey, little bottles are irresistible 

we were amazed by the Carlsbad Caverns...
seriously, this is a MUST see/bucket list place to visit...

we had a blast in downtown ABQ...
we all found great stuff at The Buffalo Exchange...

we had this to-die-for BBQ at Rudy's...

 we made a quick stop at The Grand Canyon,
well, not quick (as the kids would say), just a few hours out 
of the way...how could we not stop? 

we also took a train to Santa Fe...
I didn't snap any pix of the vendors, 
but the Native American wares in the plaza 
were simply delightful....we found so many 
beautiful, hand-made items :) 

we also shopped the farmer's market in Santa Fe,
yikes~ so much to see, taste, try...
I am in love with this Desert Dweller Lotion
it's all natural, super moisturizing,
and smells like you stepped out of the day spa :) 



remake your class

yes, it's summer vacation,
but I'm still compiling ideas for fall...

check out these videos on Edutopia HERE...
8 Tips and Tricks to Redesign Your Classroom AWESOME videos and ideas!
pinned HERE 



she's a grand old flag

happy 4th...

sometimes I just want to leave my Americana stuff up all year long...

I love flags all over this time of summer...

if I had a way to attach buntings to the porch,
they'd be there, as well....(must add to hub's to-do list)

how adorable is this fruit boat idea from BH and G?
How clever! Fruit Salad Sailboat #july4th
pinned HERE

awe, and I love this simple candle decor....
4th of July Crafts
pinned HERE 

have a wonderful 4th :) 



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