favorite new chandelier

yikes, I am in love with this new chandelier we just 
got from Lowes

it was fairly simple to install, you just need to adjust the cords to 
the length you prefer...and grab some Edison bulbs
(the vintage bulbs make such a difference).
Whallaaa, instant cuteness in the dining room :) 
find it HERE



back to school

we are back in full swing around here... 
we all miss summer, but the schedule of back to school is a nice routine~

moving my gal back to the dorm, had to laugh at this box
that was previously labeled "Build a Bear clothes"
yikes...where does the time go? (sad face)

awe, we had a beautiful double rainbow outside of our school 
the other day (the top rainbow is light in the pic)...it was amazing :)

we hit up Target a few times during dorm move in...spied these boots 
(ordered online pair in black for my girl-hurry and get them soon)
and what-do-ya-know....when I strategically stopped at a Target on the 
drive home, they happened to have my size :) *happiness*

here we are with her roomie at a cozy Italian restaurant in the city....
delish delish delish

high school football is also in full swing...
I love going to watch my boy practice, 
and the FFA/Agricultural program is housed near the field....
every day this one chicken squeezes through the fence for a little stroll.... love it~
how adorable are my AVID students this year? This gal printed 
these "Keep Calm and Love My AVID Binder" for all of her dividers...
if you know AVID you know we like big binders...and organization...
this was our farewell project of the summer... a built in for the TV 
and hubby is now happy to have drawers and doors for the games and boxes and such...
happy back to school :) 


classroom gallery wall

back-to-school is one of my favorite times of the school year~
I always try to redecorate and refresh my room each year, 
this year I squeezed all of my little signs into one gallery wall what do ya think?


Back to school bundle

This is a great download from TPT...
it's a middle/high school mustache themed bundle
and it's full of great first-week activities! 
{lots of fun iPad and app pages kids create, all about me, etc...}
this will be a cute print for my new gallery wall :)  
{it is included in the bundle}
you can find it HERE for just $6.00  (65 pages)


apothecary candle

I'm lovin' this apothecary candle from World Market.... 
the scent is light and summery
but the jar is just adorable~
available in stores and online HERE 


sunflower floaty

how about some fun in the sun?
my daughter was gifted this adorable 
it's huge, don't be fooled...
in this pic it's propped up by a twin size bed.....eeks! 
so fun! 
find it HERE     



target three dollar section I love you

even though it's summer
I'm already thinking about decorating my classroom in the fall 
I have a collection of cute signs
that I plan to group together by the whiteboard 
(and my sweet students now give me signs for gifts because they know I love them so...) 
 these are from the dollar section at Target....
or shall we call it the three dollar section? 
who cares, they are too cute to pass up...
just get them before they are gone, this cute stuff goes fast :)


framed earring holder

there's nothing like a lazy summer day for some jewelry organizing....
all you need is some thin dowels, an old frame, hot glue, 
fabric for the backing, and some twin...

these thin dowels are available at lumber stores and craft stores for less than a dollar each 
 I took an old frame and tossed the glass, 
 cut and placed the dowels across the back of the frame 
~then held each one in place with some hot glue
use the existing frame backing and cover with fabric to match your decor
tie the dowels where they intersect with some twine for stability
whallaaa- a cute earring organizer for under five bucks


cake love

I'm in love with this candle from Montane Design Co
You can find their candles at Nordstrom
or in Santa Barbara at Plum Goods on State St....
where I found this birthday cake candle 
it's so yummy~and you can only get this scent in SB...

oh, and how about adding The Cake Therapist by Judith Fertig to your summer reading list?
(she's an award winning cookbook author, too)
looking forward to starting this book while enjoying my new candle :)

how cute and true is this little sign? hubby found this in a little shop
and said "Oh you need this!" he knows my reasoning so well :)



chicken curry

I love it when my kids cook... 
my youngest made this chicken curry in a hurry via Real Simple 
super easy and delish...


fire pit vs fireplace

we've been sprucing up the backyard 
and recently added a propane fireplace ~I love it~
 and although I love the fire pit hubby made, 
this is a nice smoke-free, ash-free option... 
so cozy...
our last party required BOTH to be going *of course the fire pit works best for s'mores!
they basically went back and forth between fires....so cute
the spread {so easy for teens....pizza, chips, cake...done}


happy 4th

it's time for some red, white, and blue...
loving this easel from the dollar section at Target
my kids laughed at the printable in the typewriter  "there's no way you typed that!"

amen! home of the free because of the brave
a little garland made from ripped up bandanas
I like to stick little flags all over...
a little paint chip garland for the door
the only thing growing well in Cali is succulents {pray for rain!}
a cute summer printable from Jones Design Co via JDC
awe, can you see the little hummingbird? there were about 5 this morning in the vines :) 


summer fun

oh summer, we love you~

we were able to visit the east coast and see some 
incredible sites....

here we are at The White House....the day we visited the 
president was in Cali...go figure!   

Mount Vernon....truly beautiful...so moving to see our first president's home!

The Washington Monument on a perfect, rainy day in DC

The Lincoln Memorial....my most favorite site

the darling 4 story Victorian we rented in Columbia Heights
*if you are traveling with a large group, check out 
VRBO/HomeAway for a house rental instead of a hotel
(this house made our trip amazing!)

we spent some time in Atlanta....and visited all of the good stuff 
there, as well.....
of course we had to search for Carl Azuz 
(if you watch CNN Student News ya know who Carl is)
he's off for the summer :) 

happy summer :) 


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