smores donuts

we've been on a donut kick around here lately, 
and for our last work potluck I thought there had 
to be a way to make a dessert out of donuts...

lo and behold, there were some great ideas on Pinterest 
Check out S'mores Donuts here 
original post via  TheMerryThought

so, just replace the traditional graham cracker with a donut
sliced in half.....
add your favorite s'mores goodies
(of course try something new like salted caramel chocolates 
or peanut butter cups)
warm up marshmallows over a fire pit and enjoy a new twist on s'mores! 

because I was going to be serving these during a potluck in the middle of the day
I prepped the dessert the night before (just cut the donuts in half and stuff 
with chocolate and marshmallows). 
I also halved the donuts because they are super sweet, 
then wrapped them in a piece of wax paper. 
I warmed them up in the microwave (4 halves at a time for 10 seconds) 
served them in the original donut box....
it was pure happiness :) 

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