will work for donuts

my AVID students seemed a little "apathetic" recently, 
so the AVID tutors and I met to discuss ways to motivate the kids- 
How do you inspire motivation? How can you get kids to turn in their work 
and be intrinsically motivated? 

We came up with a little competition between our tutorial groups-
we created incentive charts grouped by tutorial groups, 
recorded all scores for TRFs and Binder Checks for about 5 weeks...
it was a lot of work for the tutors, but the kids (middle school kids) LOVED 
seeing their scores and held each other accountable.  
5 weeks seemed like a long stretch, but I wanted admin's support and 
needed the students to give it some grit and really put forth more effort. 

The winning group received:
*Donuts provided by the teacher from our popular local donut shop 
*One complete free binder check coupon 
*Free points for the day's TRF (that they would be excused from)
*One whole class period off from work to celebrate in the hallway with their group and the tutor
*Potluck style party- the winning group planned a potluck (they were able to bring anything to contribute to the donuts- and man did they bring some goodies!)

I've never seen kids work so hard, for donuts, and a little party....our scores 
rose and students arrived prepared for the tutorial sessions...it was amazing! 

we are getting ready for round 2, progress reports in 6 weeks, so time to 
work for some donuts :) 

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