oh target

ok, I officially have a problem- it happens when I head to Target...
went in for milk and left with milk and sandals

you can find them online HERE 
(oh, and the basket happens to be from Target as well)


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paleo macaroons

my sister brought me some delish paleo macaroons...
and they taste like the real deal! 
if you are on a paleo diet or just looking for a healthy "cookie" recipe
look no further.....try this one HERE 


Spring and Summer Scentsy

are you ready for some new Scentsy products? 
the Spring and Summer Catalog is out and it's amazing :) 

happy spring!



smores donuts

we've been on a donut kick around here lately, 
and for our last work potluck I thought there had 
to be a way to make a dessert out of donuts...

lo and behold, there were some great ideas on Pinterest 
Check out S'mores Donuts here 
original post via  TheMerryThought

so, just replace the traditional graham cracker with a donut
sliced in half.....
add your favorite s'mores goodies
(of course try something new like salted caramel chocolates 
or peanut butter cups)
warm up marshmallows over a fire pit and enjoy a new twist on s'mores! 

because I was going to be serving these during a potluck in the middle of the day
I prepped the dessert the night before (just cut the donuts in half and stuff 
with chocolate and marshmallows). 
I also halved the donuts because they are super sweet, 
then wrapped them in a piece of wax paper. 
I warmed them up in the microwave (4 halves at a time for 10 seconds) 
served them in the original donut box....
it was pure happiness :) 


for the love of rugs

we recently ditched the carpet and installed some gorgeous 
hand-scraped hardwood floors
*they are amazing and my favorite thing about our house! 

however, there are a few spaces that call for a rug...
in our living room area we opted for this rug from Overstock.com 
a rug pad is necessary for this rug if you are going to place it 
on a hardwood or tile surface....
the colors are both rich and muted and they tie in nicely 
with the little pop of teal in the ottoman

the other area rug in our downstairs living space is under the dining room table
~originally we had a beautiful woven sisal rug here, 
but our cat was wrecking havoc on that rug- it was just too tempting for her!~
(also from Overstock.com)
this rug stays well in place without a pad, 
and the colors work really well with the hardwood floors
although we don't miss the wall to wall carpet, 
it is nice to have a beautiful rug in these spaces :) 



will work for donuts

my AVID students seemed a little "apathetic" recently, 
so the AVID tutors and I met to discuss ways to motivate the kids- 
How do you inspire motivation? How can you get kids to turn in their work 
and be intrinsically motivated? 

We came up with a little competition between our tutorial groups-
we created incentive charts grouped by tutorial groups, 
recorded all scores for TRFs and Binder Checks for about 5 weeks...
it was a lot of work for the tutors, but the kids (middle school kids) LOVED 
seeing their scores and held each other accountable.  
5 weeks seemed like a long stretch, but I wanted admin's support and 
needed the students to give it some grit and really put forth more effort. 

The winning group received:
*Donuts provided by the teacher from our popular local donut shop 
*One complete free binder check coupon 
*Free points for the day's TRF (that they would be excused from)
*One whole class period off from work to celebrate in the hallway with their group and the tutor
*Potluck style party- the winning group planned a potluck (they were able to bring anything to contribute to the donuts- and man did they bring some goodies!)

I've never seen kids work so hard, for donuts, and a little party....our scores 
rose and students arrived prepared for the tutorial sessions...it was amazing! 

we are getting ready for round 2, progress reports in 6 weeks, so time to 
work for some donuts :) 


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