paleo jalapeno cornbread

this paleo jalapeno cornbread is yummy! 
check out The Wicked Spatula 
for the recipe HERE 
we paired it with THIS Lemon Rosemary Chicken recipe,
some veggies, and iced herbal tea- what a yummy spring dinner! 


pallet sign

a few years ago I made this sign for the kids' bathroom...
the kids are growing up and moving away to college 
so with just a few littles at home I decided to update the bathroom a bit....

so first, here's what I did with the sign....a little chalkboard paint, and whalla...
ok, so I originally tried to paint the pallet boards white, 
but the original "splish splash" kept popping through....so chalkboard paint it was....
and a battery powered light string from Kirkland to brighten up the hallway area

and the bathroom, 
ah-thanks Target for such cute decor....
this wall hanging is just as darling as some I've picked up 
by handmade artists on Etsy....  
I found this stag head on Amazon, but 
(towels from, ya guessed it, Target)

the shower curtain was an Anthro knock off I made a few years ago
(it took a just few hours to stitch up) and it has held up 
so well! I throw it in the washer with some 
oxy-clean and it stays super bright-white.... 


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chalkboard lettering

it's been many years that chalk paint has been applied 
to walls, old pictures, frames, etc... around our house... 

I don't think the trend is ending any time soon- 

click HERE to read about their book "The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering" 
and find it online at Barnes and Noble  (out of stock at Amazon right now) 


cacti in the bathroom

a little greenery in the bathroom looks so nice- 
lately I've had bad luck with ferns 
(which usually do well with the moistness of a bathroom)

soooo- time to try cactus in the bathroom~

this guy was in near the tub and just didn't do well with the humidity :( 
any suggestions on greenery that does well in your bathroom area? 


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