getting ready for AVID Summer Institute 2016

if you're off to AVID Summer Institute, check out the blog 
post I wrote with the fabulous Jonathan Petrick.  
We've got some tips for you and your team...

I met Melodee as a participant at last year’s AVID Summer Institute (SI), and immediately, we began sharing ideas. We talked about our first SI experience of feeling overwhelmed, but energized, and began brainstorming our list of ‘musts’ that would remind us and support others who will be attending AVID Summer Institute 2016.

AVID SI is like the Olympics of professional development for educators—it’s quite an experience. It’s also a time to reflect and plan as we work with colleagues to guide our students toward college and career readiness.

If you are one of the almost 40,000 educators attending one of the 12 AVID Summer Institutes around the country, you’ll want to take note of the advice that follows. As they say in the AVID world, “There’s always something to learn,” so veterans and newbies…listen up! Melodee has some great advice for you.
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